My Birth Story

Before I forget, I want to write down my birth story. First Baby.

Due Date: May 3, 2014

Thursday May 1st, 10:58pm. My water broke. Prior to this I had been laying in bed. I had just finished a bag of M&M’s and was watching 19 Kids and Counting on Netflix. I got up to use the bathroom when my husband came up from watching TV downstairs. I almost walked out of the bathroom, and stopped turned around (to get my nasal strip) but before I made it to that, I felt something weird and trickle. I looked at my husband, and I told him, either my water broke, or I peed myself (which was not likely since I JUST used the bathroom!)

Next I called Tripler. They were busy and someone was going to call me back. I decided to take a quick shower, and then headed down the living room to sit on a wooden chair over non carpeted floors.

IMG_5911An hour passes… no word from Tripler. So I call again, let them know my water broke and hour ago, and they said they were going to find someone now, and would call me back. All the while I was feeling fine. No contractions, nothing, just leaking water. Another 30 minutes pass, still no word from Tripler. We decide to go in, since no one had called me and it was a 30 minute drive. I call and let them know I am coming in. They are fully aware I am coming in.

1:04am May 2, 2014: Tripler Nurse calls me back. I tell her I am in the parking lot walking to the front doors and will be up in a minute.

I get there, get checked in, and they check to make sure I am leaking amniotic fluid. Yep, my water broke. The Dr. tells me that they have been sending patients to other hospitals because they are so busy, and if I would have called they would have told me to go to the nearest hospital…. OH REALLY!?! ha.

They end up sending me to another hospital. I get to get on a gurney, and ride in an ambulance, while my husband followed in our car.

3:45am. Castle Medical Center. I arrive and get checked in. Since my water had broke and I had been in several locations they decided to start me on antibiotics and get my iv in.

7:30am May 2, 2014. They start me on pitocin. No contractions, nothing still, so it is time to start getting this birth going.

Pain finally starts hitting, so I get an epidural sometime Friday night. I only know this because my friend brought my husband dinner, and he left the room to eat it while I got it put in.

May 3, 2014.

Sometime that morning I had made it to 4cm dilated. Yes, I was at zero when I checked it. It has now been 24 hours on pitocin and I am only at 4 cm. Later that day, I made it to 6cm. Nurse said, ok in 4 hours you should be ready! I was super excited! I battled through the pain. I got some crazy drug that made me feel super drunk, because I had some hardcore pelvic pain. But for the most part I was in high spirits, until…

1:00pm May 3, 2014. Nurse came to check in on me. 4 hours after I made it to 6cm… and I hadn’t even made it to 7cm…

The call was being made. I wanted the baby out. The pain was so bad. From previous ultrasounds, they were measuring my baby BIG! Like double digits big! Which made me super nervous. The nurse came back and we were going to do a c-section. I was 100% prepared for a c-section because I had placenta previa for the majority of my pregnancy. We got all ready for surgery. My husband got his super awesome outfit on and they were prepping me for the drugs I needed.

2:5something PM: I am ready for my c-section. Dr. starts to cut. I tell her ouch. She says you can feel that. I said Yep! She does it again, and I say I can feel that! Turns out my epidural wore out right where she needed to cut. Which may explain my pelvic pain… They needed to put me under. The last thing I remember was someone asking if the baby needed to eat if it was ok to give her formula. I said Yes, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.

The first thing I asked was, what time is it? I immediately forgot the time. I remember several people around me doing all sorts of things, like taking out my epidural, and who knows what else. I again asked what time it was. I think it was 4:45pm. But I am still confused, and out of it. Finally I found the clock on the wall. It said 4:45pm.

I was wheeled back into my room. My husband was standing there holding our baby girl. He was trying to bring her to me and show me her. I had double vision and got super nauseous. Finally I was able to see her. I was completely unaware of how much time had passed. Our baby girl was born at 2:58pm, weighing 7lbs 2 oz. (boy were those measurements off) and it was now after 5pm.

IMG_5944We tried feeding but my milk had not come in. I don’t think i had much colostrum either. It was not working. I ended spending some extra days at the hospital because of my c-section, and trouble with milk production. But I was finally able to go home on May 6th, 2014.

After coming home, we still struggled with feeding since my milk didn’t come in. We ended up seeing a pediatrician the next day since she had lost almost a pound at the hospital. She finally gave us the relief we needed. If she is hungry give her formula. For some reason no one thought that idea was ok, even though my husband and I were 100% ok with doing that if we had to! The stress was off, and she ate and was no longer hungry! And then the next day my milk came in.

At this point she loved her bottles and struggled with trying to breast feed. So we made the decision to exclusively pump. The first couple weeks she had some BM and some formula, but then, I was able to give her only BM for several months. At about the 3 and half month mark, pumping became more of a chore and my supply started to drop. I decided to stop pumping at 4 months. I have enough milk stored to go a couple months. I ultimately decided to stretch out the BM as far as possible and not she has mostly formula with  BM just before bedtime.

At 5 months, I now have a happy, healthy baby girl who just doubled her birth weight. She’s starting solids and is so much fun. Everything I went through was worth it. I had some ups and downs, but we survived. We made the choices we did because it was what was best for US.

I wanted to write down my story so I wouldn’t forget. As each day passes, I remember less and less. My recovery took a while, to get moving back to normal it took longer. It all healed great. My nurses were AMAZING and helped me out a ton! I never had a birth plan. My plan was to get my baby out however it needed to happen. I wish my body looked like what it did when I was 18, but that won’t happen again. I’m 30, so losing the weight is hard. But my next goal is to get in shape, lose the weight and be the best Mom I can be.

black and white mom dotEvery pregnancy is different, and sometimes you just never know what to expect. I did it all, except push. Next time around I will schedule my birth, and hopefully I will be awake for it! Fingers crossed (but I have a few years before that will happen).



Stork Stack April 2014 3rd Trimester

I just heard last week that Stork Stack and Bluum merged! Which means this is the only Stork Stack box I will ever get, and my 6 month subscription will transfer to my Bluum box account, so it looks like I will be getting Bluum until this fall. But I wanted to share with you what I got from Stork Stack, even though it is no longer available.

So this is the Stork Stack box that I received. They emailed me the cards that would normally be in a box explaining each item. Hopefully I will be able to post them in this blog post. But the theme was “Busy Bee”

Stork Stack

April_2014_Busy_Bee_g1_Page_1 April_2014_Busy_Bee_g1_Page_2Here are close ups of the products.

MonkeyFinger Puppet Finger Puppet Kids Foot Wipes Swaddle Love Larabar

I enjoyed everything in the box. The Larabar is in my packed bag for the hospital. Which reminds me I need to get some more snacks. I also like the foot wipes. These will be super handy for after the beach! I need to get the adult ones!! My flip flops turn my feet black, so I could use a good cleaning every now and then. The finger puppet is adorable, and love the monkey! I haven’t read the book yet, but I love Aden & Anais products, so it can’t be bad. It isn’t a book I would just go out and purchase, so it makes it fun getting a gift.

So, you can’t purchase Stork Stack anymore. All the links will bring you to Bluum. So my accounts merged, and I had an issue for a little while saying I had 2 kids, and one was almost 4, but they got it all cleared up and looks like it extended my account since I JUST purchased a 6 month subscription to Stork Stack. I wish Bluum shipped as fast as Stork Stack! It was here before I knew it! Now, I signed up for Citrus Lane too, which I will get my first month in May. So, I can’t wait to see what those boxes are like as well (and how long it takes to get to me).  My MommiesFirst box should get here any day, and then my April Bluum should be here hopefully next week, or the week after…

*Referral codes are in some links* Most are save 50% off you first box! (Citrus Lane & Bluum)

Bluum Box March 2014 3rd Trimester (Month 8)

So I have subscribed to MommiesFirst since I was 3 months pregnant and I have LOVED it!! I will do a post sharing some of those boxes. I got really lazy and stopped taking pictures of the things I had received over the months and feel really guilty about it. But I will get those up. In the mean time I am going to share some of the current boxes I have got!

So, I joined Bluum Box. I got a great deal when it was on living social one day, and joined in. Being that the box takes FOREVER to get to Hawaii, I didn’t get it until the beginning of April… which is such a bummer. By the time I got my box, they were already making my next box, so I couldn’t age her up, and I don’t want to miss the newborn box, so I will just have to wait…

But without further ado, here is my 3rd Trimester Bluum Box for March 2014.

3rd Tri Bluum Box

So there it is! There were 5 products in the box. I loved most of them, and I will give you a quick description of each of them.

Baby legs

1. BabyLegs – Newborn Legwarmers – Rainbow – $10.00. These totally remind me of Punky Brewster. I loved her when I was a kid, so I think these will be super cute on her. Hopefully she can wear them a while, they would be nice to use once she starts crawling… cause its hot in Hawaii, I’m sure she will be living in onesies.


2.Robelyn Labs – Elastin 3 – $69.99. This is stretch mark cream. I have had to use a ton of different creams during pregnancy. Genetics are to blame, but I knew I would get them. This one is nice. A little bit goes a long way, which is good, because the price of stretch mark creams are crazy expensive! Since its so late in my pregnancy I’ll have to wait till after this baby to see how it helps.


3. Boiron – Oscillo – 3 Doses – $6.99. I’m not sure why I got this because all my samples were for children… and they have to be over the age of two. I have no kids yet, so I tried giving these to friends, but they didn’t want it either. Oh well. Its basically medicine for flu like symptoms. I’ll hold on to them, maybe someone will want them, or a house guest will need it at some point.

baby wash cloths

4. I Play – Organic Knitted Terry Washcloth Unisex 3Pk Assorted – $8.00. I am so glad I got these in the box. The only baby wash cloths we have came with the hooded towel, and aren’t perfectly small like these! I enjoy when i get things that I do not have to run out to the store to get. They are already with all the baby bath stuff ready to be used!


5. Angel Dear – Ring Rattle – Fuchsia Robot – $6.00. So cute!! This is in my diaper bag ready to go too. It is super soft and has a little rattle sound to it. Can’t wait to see what my little girl thinks of it when she arrives!


This box totaled up to $100.98. I would say I got the value for what I paid for it! A 3 month subscription cost $69.99 normally, I believe I paid $27 for 3 months with the deal, so that worked out to $9 a box! If you are interested in getting a Bluum Box, you can get 50% off your first box by using my referral LINK HERE. Otherwise, you can just go to their website.  Hope this helped you out. I didn’t see many Bluum Pregnancy boxes out there, so I was curious on what was in them!

2014 Update of Life

I am currently working on meeting my goals and I can happily say that I can check off almost everything on the list. Since my last post, we have moved to Hawaii, took a trip to Australia, and moved twice (in Hawaii)! And one other big thing… I am 38.5 weeks pregnant!!

This baby could come any time, and I would be completely ready… I think.

This blog is going to be about my life. About my little girl. About my ocean view. My crafting days are seeming to slow down, but if you are interested in seeing what I am up to over there, you can stop by my blog I started quilting more instead of scrapbooking, but I hope that I will eventually make it back to my old roots, and craft with my little girl once she gets older.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 5 years. We have a 5 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Lab/Jindo mix dog. She is our baby. We got a genetic test done to see what she was this past fall. Otherwise I would normally say we have Lab/Border Collie mix, because that is what she looks like, but it is not the case! We found she was HALF Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and lucky us, she HATES water… that is 100% the Jindo in her. My husband and I have lived on each US coast, and are both from the Midwest. I’m from Minnesota, and he is from Missouri. We met in college at Iowa State University. We love baseball, good wine, and microbrew beers. We are expecting our first child in less than 2 weeks. We are having a girl, and couldn’t be more excited.


This was our pregnancy announcement. Lucie was good sport for most of it.

Well I hope you look forward to the things that I post. I have some subscription box reviews that I will be sharing with you for our baby girl soon!


A Fresh Start

Every few years we start over. We get a fresh start. We are in the process of doing so too. I am also in the process of going through all my craft supplies and giving them a fresh start too. It is a mess. I have piles of scraps, that when I move, I question if I should take with me. I also get a fresh start with friends, a new home, and a new lifestyle.

Moving to Hawaii has got me thinking. I am going to need to be in the best shape I can be. I am going to be enjoying the weather, the waves, and the ocean. I met an older gentleman the other day who had been to Hawaii. He told me I must get my SCUBA certificate. I told him there are TWO problems with that. One, I am afraid of things in the ocean, and two, volcanoes freak me out. Living in Hawaii will not be easy for me. But I know I need to get over those fears, so I might give it a go. I have come to realize that I have a nice list of things I want to accomplish for the next three years. And I am going to try my best to get them done.

1. SUP (stand up paddleboarding) — hello core workout!

2. SCUBA or Snorkle

3. Spend 50% of my day outside

4. Try something new to eat once a month. I must be brave.

5. Attempt to start a family. Long term goal, realizing there will never be the RIGHT time.

6. Get a bike. (yes, a pedal bike, I am thinking a beach cruiser)

7. Minimize. I will not buy junk. I will use up what I have before I get more. If I don’t need it, get rid of it.

8. Take in life. Be involved. But do not stretch myself thin.This has happened before.

9. GET ORGANIZED. Everything needs a place. It if don’t have a home, get rid of it, or find another option

I know there will be more to come, so this list may add. I have from DEC 2011 to JUNE 2012 to get my body in shape. I would love to lose 30lbs. If I could lose more, I would be OVER excited. This will be the perfect fresh start to life. Everyone needs one, you just have to make time for it.

Here’s to a fresh start, and hopes to many more.

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A New Beginning

With a life of constant change. I know that I will always have an ocean view. Whether it is crafting, with company, creating home decor, or living life. I feel that With An Ocean View fits me more. I will be making some plans over the next few months, but I will be here, all the time. Enjoying my ocean view.